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Custom Tied Globugs

Custom Tied Estaz

Custom Estaz - $.50 Each
Petite, Standard and Grande Estaz - Non Opalessence Colors

Step One
Select Your Hook Size

All Estaz tied on Tiemco 2457

Step Two
Select Estaz Color and Material

PETITE ESTAZ - 10MM Fibers Recommended for Hook Sizes 10 and Smaller

STANDARD, METALLIQUE AND UV LIGHTS ESTAZ - 15 MM Fibers.  Used on all Hook Sizes

GRANDE ESTAZ - 20MM Fibers Recommended for Hook Sizes 6 and Larger.

Step Three - Optional
Select Gold Bead

3.2 mm (1/8") Size 10 and Smaller

4.0 mm (5/32") Size 8 Hooks

4.8 mm (3/16") Size 6 and Larger
White Sky Blue Royal Blue Navy Blue Forest Green Sage Green Skipper Blue
Teal Lt. Emerald Grn Gun Metal Gold Peach Yellow Salmon
Red Pink Fuchsia Brite Purple Plum Black Butter Rum
Hot Fire Org. Dark Brown           
Petite, Standard and Grande Estaz - Opalessence Colors
Opal Olive Opal Chartreuse Opal Rootbeer Opal Salmon Opal Lt. Blue Opal Dark Blue Opal Burgandy
Opal Kelly Green Opal Orange Opal Purple Opal Black Opal Red Opal Pink Opal Lt. Pink
Opal Lime Green Opal Dark Brown Opal White Opal Dark Olive       
Metallique Estaz
Navy Blue  Olive  Chartreuse Kelly Green Black Red Copper
Photo Coming Soon           
Dark Copper  Gold Silver        
UV Light Estaz
White  Sage Green Gun Metal Peach Bright Purple Olive Chartreuse
Rootbeer  Salmon Light Blue Burgandy  Kelly Green Orange Pink
Purple  Red           
UV Lights Grande Colors 
White  Peach Black Olive Chartreuse Rootbeer Orange 

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