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Custom Tied Globugs

Custom Tied Estaz

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  Mickey "Chief" Varga
President and Master Globug Tyer

The Chief is Co-Founder and Co-President of  If you ordered a Globug chances are that you received one that was tied by him.  The Chief hand ties between 8,000 - 10,000 globugs a year.  Quality is the Chief's trade mark.  If the globug does not look like a bug that he would use he doesn't send it out.
  Don "Bestbugz" Varga
C.E.O. and All Around Tyer

Don is Founder and Co-President of  Tying flies has become his passion.  You never know where you'll find him sitting and tying.  It's common to see him riverside tying up new patterns to try.  "If you're not hooking fish then you're not having fun".  If you have any questions for Don, please send him an email at
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