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Custom Tied Globugs

Custom Tied Estaz

Fly Tying, Fly Casting and Fly Fishing Course Catalog offers a full range of Fly Fishing Services.  We offer Basic and Intermediate Fly Tying Courses and a Basic Salmon River Starter Course for those interested in experiencing fishing the Salmon River in Upstate New York.  We Still Make House Calls.......
Fly Tying Instructions Informational Articles - Videos
"Foundation" - Beginner Fly Tying Course Getting Started Take a Lesson
Step 2 - Intermediate Fly Tying Course Practice Casting Before Hitting the Stream
Salmon and Steelhead (Globug - Estaz - Slinky) Course  

  Our Best Selling Mixed Sets
Super Slam Globug Set Row, Show and Go Globug Set Start the Season Set Super Slam Estaz Set
Clown Row, Show and Go Clown Steelhead Snack Clown Steelhead Supreme Clown